Barefoot running

Barefoot running

The rise in popularity of barefoot running and bareform running (running in minimalist shoes) has sparked a huge debate and revolution in the running world. We believe that a more natural running technique, adopted by barefoot and bareform runners, will benefit all of us in becoming a more efficient and stronger runner.

Up to 85% of people who regularly run get injured every year, often due to incorrect running form and technique. In most sports, people receive coaching, and running should be no different.

Learn how to run correctly

We offer individual and group sessions to analyse, demonstrate and correct your running form to help you become a more efficient, strong and confident runner whilst reducing your risk of technique related injury.

Each session lasts 30-45 minutes.


Individual session (up to 40 minutes): £60
Twin session (two people): £80
Larger groups: Please contact us for prices

N.B. Dependent upon location – there may be an additional surcharge to cover travel costs

*Terms and Conditions apply

24 Hour Cancellation Policy applies to all sessions

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